RuMe Gives Back is a collaborative program that helps organizations with their fundraising efforts while simultaneously spreading brand awareness through custom products. We partner with qualified organizations to jointly push forth the RuMe ideals of community, goodwill, and resourcefulness. By raising awareness and partnering with organizations that share our vision, we hope to expand our mission for sustainability beyond our products and into other facets of life.

As a zero-risk fundraiser, RuMe Gives Back does not require its partners to pre-purchase customized products to sell in hopes of raising funds. Rather, our fundraising platform is uniquely built to provide custom products only once they have been purchased by supporters; this helps our partners save money while also preventing waste. 40% of all sales that our partners’ products generate go directly back to them, providing funds to further assist their cause.

We’d love for the chance to work with you!

To apply for partnership with RuMe Gives Back or for further inquiry, please contact Gina Marchi at