Pop-Top Tote

This tote can take on the ‘bulky’ challenges of your day - grocery shopping, soccer practice, you name it. With a wide opening and mesh closure, items you’re carrying are easily accessible and secured in place. When grocery shopping, place items directly into this (clean!) grocery basket, and carry it to checkout, where it will fit perfectly in the bagging area. The cinch-tie mesh top stops items from rolling around on the drive home.

Uses for Pop-Top Tote: Reusable grocery tote, Gym bag, Sports equipment


  • Machine Washable
  • Size: 14" W, 8.5" D, 9.5" H
  • Mesh top closure cinches shut and adds an extra 4" of height
  • 2 handles can be worn over shoulder; 10.5" long
$ 14.95