Reveal Quart / Sunglasses

The Reveal Quart is food-safe—making it great for snacks—and machine washable so you can use it over and over again. Whether you’re going to the gym or on vacation, this TSA-compliant pouch is the perfect place to store your toiletries and other small essentials. Wherever you travel this season, show off your patriotic side with this handy travel toiletry bag.

Uses for Reveal Quart: TSA-compliant travel toiletry bag, Travel accessories bag, Gym toiletry bag


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  • Transluscent, tear-resistant material
  • Machine washable
  • Water-resistant
  • Lab tested, food safe
  • Zipper closure
  • Size: 8" x 7.5"
  • Shown with items inside for scale, items not included 
$ 8.95