Reusable Produce Bags / Savor

If you’re a veggie fanatic, you’ll love the RuMe Savor Reusable Produce Bags! These mesh and polyester cinch sacks are the perfect addition to your grocery run; say goodbye to those disposable plastic produce bags and hello to a more “green” lifestyle! Now, your fruits and vegetables have a safe spot where they won’t be squished by your other heavier grocery items. Not to mention they’re wildly cute--the checkout clerk might even ask where you got them! Take your bags to the weekend farmers’ market and fill them with your favorite produce. If your bag gets dirty, just throw it in the wash! Other produce bags are bland--show off your love for fruits, veggies, and an eco-friendly lifestyle with the RuMe Reusable Produce Bags!


  • Set of 2
  • Size: 11" x 15"
  • Machine washable
  • Cinch closure
  • Polyester front 
  • Mesh back
$ 14.95