Bundle: Vacation Getaway

This bundle adds extra organization to your travel essentials without adding extra weight. It includes:

  • cFold is loaded with zippers and pockets that make travel easier. It features an outer sleeve that slips over a luggage handle. It also zips down to one-tenth its expanded size, so you can store it in a suitcase or on a shelf at home. Size open is 16" x 20" x 7”. Reinforced bottom. Machine washable.
  • Garment Bag is lightweight and machine washable with a full-length zipper. With one easy zip, your dress or suit can be packed, wrinkle-free, without having to tediously fold or stuff it inside a suitcase. When you arrive at your destination, simply hang on a closet rail and retrieve your ready-to-wear garments.
  • Baggie All is machine washable and features 3 zippered pockets. It works great as a travel toiletry bag, purse organizer, snack bag, or everyday organizer. Size: 8.5”W x 7.5”H


  • Bundle includes: 1 cFold (in Downing), 1 Garment Bag (in Navy Downing), & 1 Baggie All (in Downing)
$ 56.85