Bundle: Frequent Flyer

Bundle: Frequent Flyer

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Bundle: Frequent Flyer

If you’re an avid traveler, then you know that the best bag(s) can change the whole travel experience. With the Frequent Flyer bundle, you’ll fly through the airport like a pro. From packing, to getting through security, to staying ...organized throughout your trip, this triplet of bags will have you on your way to a wonderfully carefree adventure!

Sat Pack will save you tons of space in your luggage! The Sat Pack reduces ...clothing (like cumbersome winter gear) to half its expanded size, letting you pack a checked-bag’s worth of essentials to fit in a carry-on bag and saving you on those pesky checked bag fees. Just pack it full, sit or kneel on it to compress, and pull up on the straps. Packing has never been this easy!

cFold is the perfect bag to tote with you in the airport and throughout your travels. Featuring an outer sleeve that slips easily over luggage handles, this roomy bag will make zipping through the security lines a snap. It zips down to one-tenth its expanded size, making it easy to store in your luggage.

Baggie All is the handiest handbag organizer you’ll own. It’s the stylishly practical way to organize small essentials like your headphones, pens, makeup, toiletries—anything small but necessary to tote with you throughout your busy day. Use it for phone accessories, school supplies, or as a gym bag organizer! With the Baggie All, you’ll never dig for your keys in the bottom of your bag again.


  • Includes: Sat Pack, cFold (in Downing) & Baggie All (in Downing)

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$66.85 $53.48