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RuMe Reps FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
Your RuMe Rep code should be emailed to you shortly after your sign up. we use the email that you provided us during the signup process. If you sign up over the weekend you should receive your code on monday. If you have not received your code after 4 days please email us!
RuMe Reps are not allowed to use their own codes when placing personal orders. If we find a rep has placed an order for themselves with their discount code we will have to expire their Rep code and remove them from the program..
Each month we will have an exclusive Rep sale where Reps can order products at 30% off. Products on the exclusive rep sale will change monthly. Only items on this exclusive page will be 30% off and the code is for RuMe Reps use only.
Our website platform does not allow customers to layer discount codes so customers will have to decide which code to use. The program is designed for Reps to invite new customers to try our products so most new referrals won't have knowledge of our other discount codes.
At the moment tracking orders is all done on our backend. Reps will not be able to track their own referrals but we will send a monthly payout email with details regarding your sales for the month. You can always send us an email if you would like to check the status of your sales. We pull a report on the 1st Friday of the new month to determine the total amount of cash back the RuMe Rep will receive based on number of times their code was used. Payouts will occur on the 3rd Friday of that new month
Reps are allowed to make their own social groups/ pages that are attached to their rep links and feature their codes! We ask that any page or group created starts with your name first, and we also ask that you add a section in the about or description explaining that this is a personal page run by you and not by RuMe Inc!
You can absolutely make your own business cards. We also provide downloadable RuMe Rep cards that you can print and write your code on to hand out. You can find these in the files section of the private RuMe Rep Facebook Group
This is not a multi-level marketing program. This program is strictly earning commissions off of sales.
There is no limit to how many times your customers can use your referral code or referral links.
There are no additional discounts for bulk orders. All orders big or small made under your rep code will be 20% off.
No external links or promotions are allowed to be posted in the RuMe Rep Facebook Group. This group was created for Rep news and updates only.