Invite a Friend

Sharing is caring! Now that you discovered the world of RuMe (short for ReUseMe), it's time to get social about it. Invite your friends & family to shop our store and get rewarded for it.
5000 Points
When your friend makes their first purchase.

+ Your friend
will receive a 30% off coupon.

Ways to Spend Points

You now have hard-earned Points, here's how to spend them.
*Only one coupon code can be applied per order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When did this program start? It launched October 26, 2016.
  • 2. How do I spend Points? a. Log into your Customer Account (located top-right of your screen)
    b. Within your account, click the Rewards section
    c. Next to each Reward, click Redeem on the reward you want to claim
  • 3. How much does it cost to join? The RuMe RewardMe loyalty program is free to join!
  • 4. Is there a limit to how many order Points I can get? Earn away! There’s no limit.
  • 5. Can I apply multiple coupons to a single order? We only allow one coupon per order—so plan ahead!
  • 6. Do my coupon codes expire? Coupons do not expire!
  • 7. Can I apply my coupon codes to past orders? They can only be applied to new orders, and not retroactively.
  • 8. Do my Points expire? Your un-redeemed Points will expire within one year. However, coupons do NOT expire, so redeem away and save your well-earned Points!
  • 9. Are there any restrictions on what I can apply my coupon code to? All product is available to you, even sale items!
  • 10. Do purchases from Amazon, The View, GMA, and Target count toward the Loyalty Program? Only orders made through are eligible to earn points. Purchases from 3rd party sites are not affiliated with our RewardMe Loyalty Program.