The Ultimate Road Trip Packing Guide


$ 29.95
+ More Patterns

Oh, the pack-it/haul-it challenges of everyday travel adventures. This ingenious bag is loaded with clever zippers and pockets that make travel easier – whether you’re headed to the gym, taking the kids to the pool, or escaping for the weekend. The cFold even includes a back sleeve that slips over the handles of your rolling luggage, preventing it from tumbling...

Baggie All

$ 11.95
+ More Patterns

Now, where did you put your keys? Oh yes, on the bottom of your bag… with your phone charger, comb and loose change. Now, there is a stylish-yet-practical way to organize your belongings. The Baggie All is the ultimate organization system for loose items; it works great as a purse organizer, travel toiletry bag and gym bag organizer. A multitude...

2Cool Tote Insulator

$ 10.00
+ More Patterns

Tote your lunch, snacks or brews with the RuMe 2Cool. It’s the perfect companion for all of life’s adventures. Instantly transform your RuMe Mini Tote or Large Tote into the perfectly cooled snack center. Place the 2Cool into your tote, then fill it with snacks, drinks, and ice packs to zip in the coolness. Now you’re ready for the beach, pool,...

Escape Weekender

$ 60.00
+ More Patterns

Packing always start with a dilemma: how do you fit everything you need in a smaller bag? Meet your new best friend: The Escape. This amazing travel companion includes expandable space for those times when you bring home more than you left with. A shoe compartment keeps your shoes separate from your clothes. Plus, carry it one of three ways:...

'Tech Taco' Cord Organizer

$ 9.95
+ More Patterns

Clean up that cord drawer, organize your earbuds and get your car charger in order. The RuMe Tech Taco provides on-the-go compact organization for all those small device cords that tangle up your life. Wrap a Tech Taco around your phone chargers, MP3 cords, USB cords, and all the cords in that drawer where you toss the family’s cords. Then,...

Reveal Quart

$ 6.95
+ More Patterns

There’s a reason plastic baggies are so useful: you can see what’s inside. But the waste! Now, you have an eco-friendly option: Reveal Quarts. Use these food-safe, machine-washable bags for grocery produce, snacks, school supplies, toiletry bags and desk organizers. As a travel bag, Reveal Quarts are TSA-compliant, so you can use them for liquids as you pass through security...


Bundle: Large Tote + 2Cool

$ 26.95 $ 19.95
+ More Patterns

Keeping food cold is essential, whether you’re going grocery shopping or taking a day trip to the park or pool! With the Large Tote + 2Cool Tote Insulator, keep your perishables nice and chilled while you go about your day. And with football season upon us, this soft-sided, insulated cooler is the perfect companion for your next tailgating party! Want...


Bundle: Mini Tote + 2Cool

$ 17.95 $ 14.95
+ More Patterns

Summer is around the corner and so are outdoor activities. Pack a lunch when you go to the park, pool, or baseball game. It helps save money and provides healthier food choices. The Mini Tote + Cooler is the perfect companion for an on-the-go lunch. The soft cooler fits perfectly inside the Mini Tote, providing thermal insulation for a sandwich,...


Bundle: Day Trips

$ 28.90 $ 26.90
+ More Patterns

This bundle is perfect for day trip adventures. It includes: RuMe All has it all! At under three ounces, the lightweight RuMe All won’t weigh your shoulder down as you carry around your everyday essentials, such as makeup, a tablet, your wallet and a cardigan for those chilly days. The top zips shut for added security. Two side pockets keep your water...


Bundle: Beach & Pool Trips

$ 36.90 $ 17.99

Ahhh… summer is definitely calling. As the allure of warm sunny days is near and the thought of vacation is growing, it’s time to gear up for summer adventures. This bundle is your go-to for beach-side, pool-side, and lake-side activities. It comes with the ultimate stuff-and-go Tote with an extra roomy interior compartment and a reusable Wet Bag. The Wet...


Bundle: Travel Adventures

$ 81.90 $ 78.90

The Travel Adventures Bundle makes packing easy for any type of adventure. It includes: Escape (weekender bag) features expandable space for when you bring home more than you left with. A shoe compartment keeps your shoes separate from your clean clothes. Carry it one of three ways: the adjustable shoulder strap can hang straight or across your body, or use the hand-held straps. Size is 23”W...


Bundle: Vacation Getaway

$ 61.85 $ 56.85

This bundle adds extra organization to your travel essentials without adding extra weight. It includes: cFold is loaded with zippers and pockets that make travel easier. It features an outer sleeve that slips over a luggage handle. It also zips down to one-tenth its expanded size, so you can store it in a suitcase or on a shelf at home. Size open is 16" x...