Most Loved Bundles
Most Loved Bundles

Bundle: Round Trip

$ 44.90
+ More Patterns

Going there and coming home—this bundle has you covered! Wherever your trip takes you, go with these complementary travel bags. On the way there, keep clothes wrinkle-free and perfectly organized in the best-selling GTO. On the way back, throw your now-dirty clothes into the compressible Sat Pack (no re-folding required!). The best part? Both bags fit beautifully in just a...

Gym Bundle

$ 30.95
+ More Patterns

I don’t sweat, I sparkle. Whip your gym bag into shape with the gym bundle! This kit includes everything you need to keep your many fitness necessities organized. Bundle Includes • 1 Travel Laundry Bag (select your pattern): Keep your dirty clothes separate in the cinch travel laundry bag. With a cute design on the front and our classic grey...

Bundle: GTO Matching Set

$ 34.99
+ More Patterns

Bye-bye suitcase wrinkles and packing confusion. Hello, GTO! The RuMe Garment Travel Organizer (GTO) transforms your packing, unpacking and living-away-from-home process into utter bliss. This two-sided travel bag enables you to pack suits and dresses lengthwise on hangers. Then, flip the bag over and pack other essentials in one of four brilliant packing cubes. (Packing cubes in a garment bag?...

Bundle: Day Trips

$ 22.95
+ More Patterns

This bundle is perfect for day trip adventures. It includes: RuMe All has it all! At under three ounces, the lightweight RuMe All won’t weigh your shoulder down as you carry around your everyday essentials, such as makeup, a tablet, your wallet and a cardigan for those chilly days. The top zips shut for added security. Two side pockets keep your water...

Bundle: Sat Pack

$ 67.37
+ More Patterns

Give RuMe's newest innovating packing solution to everyone in your family. This space saving solution compresses your clothes from the size of a checked bag to that of a carry-on—saving you on those pesky checked bag fees (an average $30 per checked bag). The Sat Pack pays for itself after just one airport visit (and saved checked bag fee). Beyond travel, it’s...

Medium Tote / Set of 3

$ 19.85
+ More Patterns

These bags are RuMe’s most popular item because they hold up to 50 pounds, are machine washable and roll up to the size of your palm, secured with a Velcro strap. Keep them in your purse for spontaneous shopping trips, throw a couple in the car for the kids’ library trips, and keep a few in your suitcase for souvenirs....

Large Tote / Set of 3

$ 28.85
+ More Patterns

RuMe’s Large Tote holds up to 160 pounds, is durable and washable, fun and fashionable! These bags are perfect for trips to home supply stores, baby stores and other retailers where you purchase large items. Also perfect as a gym bag, for camping gear and as a beach bag. Best of all, these reusable bags easily fold up into small,...

Bundle: Mini Tote + 2Cool

$ 15.95
+ More Patterns

Summer is around the corner and so are outdoor activities. Pack a lunch when you go to the park, pool, or baseball game. It helps save money and provides healthier food choices. The Mini Tote + Cooler is the perfect companion for an on-the-go lunch. The soft cooler fits perfectly inside the Mini Tote, providing thermal insulation for a sandwich,...

Snack Sleeve / Set of 3

$ 11.95
+ More Patterns

Veggies, nuts, and chips—oh my! Whatever goodies get you through the day, the Snack Sleeve is the perfect on-the-go solution. Whether you’re out and about at the park, zoo, school, or work, these reusable snack bags will keep snacks safe—ready for you to refuel whenever you get those mid-day cravings. They're machine washable so you can use them over and over....

Bundle: After School Activities

$ 24.90
+ More Patterns

Calling all Mom’s! RuMe’s NEW Cinch Backpack is the perfect lightweight pack to accompany your kiddo on all of his or her after school adventures.With these 6 patterns, your kiddo is bound to stand out. Whether it is filled with clothing and accessories for dance or gymnastic or stuffed to the brim with a soccer ball, cleats, and a snack, the...

Bundle: Frequent Flyer

$ 53.48
+ More Patterns

If you’re an avid traveler, then you know that the best bag(s) can change the whole travel experience. With the Frequent Flyer bundle, you’ll fly through the airport like a pro. From packing, to getting through security, to staying organized throughout your trip, this triplet of bags will have you on your way to a wonderfully carefree adventure! Sat Pack...

Bundle: Weekend Retreat

$ 41.16

With the Weekend Retreat bundle, you’ll be oh-so-ready for a romantic weekend vacation. Three of RuMe’s best-selling travel bags, you’ll stay organized and ready for whatever adventures your weekend has in store! Features: Bundle Includes: cFold (Fletcher) is your weekend getaway hero; with an outside zippered pocket and roomy interior, it’s the perfect size to fit all your essentials for...

Bundle: Grab & Go

$ 29.90
+ More Patterns

Grab your stuff and go! This NEW bundle includes our new Phone Clutch and best-selling Kennedy tote. The Phone Clutch is the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Inner pockets keep credit cards, cash, receipts, and other essentials easily organized. A neoprene inner pouch perfectly holds a cell phone, keeping it safely protected. Just slip the vegan leather strap around your...

Bundle: Credit Card Pouch

$ 9.90
+ More Patterns

The best things come in the smallest of packages! The perfectly sized Credit Card Pouch helps to organize your busy life. Loose change? Credit Cards? Hair Ties? No problem! Keep them all in one place, making your on-the-go life a breeze. Small and compact, this pouch is ideal for keeping all of your miscellaneous items (and random receipts) organized in...

Baggie All / Set of 3

$ 26.99
+ More Patterns

Now, where did you put your keys? Oh yes, on the bottom of your bag… with your phone charger, comb and loose change. Now, there is a stylish-yet-practical way to organize your belongings. The Baggie All is the ultimate organization system for loose items; it works great as a purse organizer, travel toiletry bag and gym bag organizer. A multitude...

Carry-On Collection

Sold Out
+ More Patterns

Never check a bag again with the Carry-On Collection. This carefully curated collection brings together RuMe’s best sellers that make the packing and hauling part of traveling more efficient, organized, and easy. All 6-pieces perfectly work together so you never have to check a bag again. Buh-bye baggage claim carousels, banged up baggage, and checked baggage fees. You’re ready for...

Bundle: Featherweight

Sold Out
+ More Patterns

Meet RuMe’s new Carry-On Suitcase. It’s the perfect luggage companion for summer travel. A hardside exterior protects your belongings from damage. It’s 360 spinner wheels make boarding and maneuvering über easy. Is it lightweight? Yes! At 5.4 lbs. it’s super lightweight to lift up to the overhead carry-on bin. The Carry-On Suitcase is a must for easy travelling.

Mini Tote / Set of 3

$ 15.85
+ More Patterns

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This Mini Tote holds up to 50 pounds yet folds down into a tiny roll, securely held by a Velcro strap. Store one in your purse, your car and your backpack so that you always have a strong, convenient bag for those impromptu shopping trips. (Say “No!” to the plastic grocery bag!) Deceptively...