Cosmetic Pouch / Teal

$ 11.00
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With all the small items we use throughout the day, switching handbags can be tough. With the Cosmetic Pouch, keep all of your daily essentials in one place—now you can easily transfer them from one bag to another. Use it as an everyday makeup pouch for your handbag, or as a place to store small loose items like lip balm,...

Cosmetic Pouch / Purple

$ 11.00

If you’re always on-the-go, then staying organized can be tricky. Not anymore! With the Cosmetic Pouch, keep your daily essentials in one place and never leave home without them. Perfect for small makeup items, lip balm, or mints, this handbag organizer allows you to conveniently transfer your most important accessories and beauty products from one handbag to another. With this...

Cosmetic Pouch / Black

$ 11.00

Never dig for your lipstick in the bottom of your handbag again! The Cosmetic Pouch is the perfect solution for carrying everyday essentials (lip balm, face powder, or hair ties) in one convenient place. Never forget your daily essentials when you need to switch bags! This handbag organizer fits inside most handbags, and is perfect to store your makeup for...