Summer Goddess Collection - Female Icons

How did we go about choosing the goddesses as inspiration for our patterns this summer? There are plenty of Greek gods to pick from but this collection is about feminine power and with a bold color palette, the featured ladies needed to bring inspirational qualities that today's women can relate to and strive for!


Persephone is known for making the best of things and adapting to thrive in any environment or season. With fields of blooming flowers, you're bound to feel her strength and resilience. 



As we all know nowadays, there's nothing wrong with a little self love and care! Aphrodite knows this and is more than happy to lead you in a few sessions of self care whether it be to the spa, or following your dreams around the world. 


And sometimes, we just need to relax and think things through. Athena's calm demeanor and logical wisdom will help you through anything you come across on your journey.