Everything You Need to Know About RuMe

     Launched on Earth Day in 2008 by a local husband and wife team, Colorado-based RuMe (short for ReUseMe) designs consumer products that deliver on the growing needs of environmentally conscious consumers who don't want to sacrifice style and functionality for sustainability.

      Our team works diligently to provide a wide range of products designed to make life a little easier with eco-friendly solutions to help you care about what you carry, and bright, fun patterns to bring color and cheer to your day. The RuMe warehouse is located at the same facility as our office ensuring that your bags are given the highest quality care from sketch to fabric to final product.

       Re-useable bags save consumers money that would be spent on single-use grocery bags, and also save plastic that would end up in landfills. By using recycled polyester materials and eco-friendly sublimation ink, RuMe is actively decreasing the carbon footprint that our population is leaving on the planet. These solvent-free inks are not only healthier for the planet as a whole, but safer for the person printing the product, too.

      These materials allow RuMe to create a product that is lightweight, compactable, and water-resistant, yet durable enough to carry 50+lbs! In addition, compostable bags are used when shipping our products all over the nation. With 50+ different colors and patterns to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a RuMe product. We love them so much we offer a 6-month warranty on every purchase, so you know this is a product you can trust!